Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mona Lisa Project

To create the Mona Lisa, I had to first trace it. It was hard to trace because if there were gaps, I couldn't use the paint bucket. After I finished tracing, I started on coloring and shading the face. I used a gradient filter for the face and the hair. After, I created eyebrows for the Mona Lisa and colored the shirt turquoise. I painted the shawl dark blue and I put a design on the collar. After I finished coloring and shading the Mona Lisa, I added small details painting her nails and adding eyeshadow. Lastly, I added a beach background. The hardest part of creating the Mona Lisa was trying to trace it not having any gaps and making it look realistic. The easiest part was coloring and shading in the Mona Lisa.

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